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Health insurance for Small Business

Abacus Benefits Plus can help you manage the sometimes overwhelming job of finding and administering health insurance for your business. Health insurance is expensive and the choices are daunting. We know you have a business to run and not a lot of time to figure out all the options. You want your valued employees to get good coverage at the best possible price. You'll get experienced help at no cost. The carriers pay our agents to assist employers and the cost of our expertise is built into the premium whether you use us as your broker or not. Get help now!

✓ Quotes

✓ Enrollment Assistance

✓ Renewal Assistance

✓ Employee Communication

✓ Ongoing support

✓ Compliance information

Independent Broker

12+ Years Experience

Over 150 Clients in Massachusetts

All Major Carriers represented

Expert Broker for the MA Health Connector for Small Business

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